We started accepting New Year holidays.

We started accepting New Year holidays. Last year, we had no vacancies and we had to contact you. This year, we will give you a very special presentation at the lowest rate in the region, but we will provide you with a first-come, on-arrival basis. Please look forward to!

Monday April 16th, 2018 | Category : 未分類 | Author : 正志小野

Resolve accommodation problems in Fukuoka! From February 24 to 26, the concert and the national exam will overlap, but each group (S, M, L) can be booked one by one on a first come first served basis. I will receive it from one person.

It is guest house Koan. “Third Generation Concert” and “Pharmacist national exam” on the day of the exam yet still each type of each pair is possible in order of first come first served basis. The location is in Atago, near the middle of the concert venue and Kyushu University south of Mihami Muromi Station and Atago Kominkan bus stop. Let’s hurry, please call us with your call. 080 – 3181 – 8036 Responsible: Ono