Fumoto in Atago shrine who can get a bird’s-eye view of Fukuoka tower and YAFUOKUDOMU. It opened as a guest house of cheap Fukuoka-shi authorization in Atago, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi. There are no layout and meal of Japanese tradition, but it’s a cheap guest house in a guest house-type. When it’s usually check-in 15:00-19:00, but there is news in the rough arrival time. This overtime is also welcomed. The unit cost per the Hajime stay is suppressed, and it’s the profitable crowded crowded charge for a site. You can also make a reservation of a small hermitage page shell of a site. It’s a principle guest house system, so please also reserve short stay from a stay for 1 day. It’s the room charge which suppresses an unnecessary cost, so please bring a tooth brushing relation and a shampoo relation. Use of near YAFUOKUDOMU, an event, Fez and the time of a concert is also approximately, please and further. When there is no news in your arrival time, it’ll be suspension in 19:00, so please be careful. Accompanying of a pet isn’t parallel with a guideline of a recruitment site, so please permit. 080-3181-8036 (the country) + 81-80-3181-8036 (foreign countries)